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Design Your Dreams

I have ideas for a home I would like to build. How can Matt Monroe Designs help me with my plans?

In your first initial consultation with Matt Monroe Designs, we will entertain the ideas that you as the potential homeowner(s) need and want in a new home.

It is important for our clients to generate their own ideas about what they feel are the most important features they would like to see in their home.  This is where Matt Monroe Designs can integrate experience, construction knowledge and building industry expertise to ease your process.

How long does the home designing process take?

The time varies depending on the client(s). Matt Monroe Designs has worked with clients from as little as three weeks and as long as twelve months. Matt Monroe Designs does take time meeting with our clients and availability is our number one priority.

What is included in the final set of plans I receive from Matt Monroe Designs?

A set of working, construction drawings will include*:

  • Front Elevation
  • Rear Elevation
  • Left Side Elevation
  • Right Side Elevation
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plans

*Note: Additional plans with the final set could include: roof plan, plot plan, finished basement plan, electrical and plumbing layout and interior details.

Please feel free to contact us for samples of our work or to schedule an appointment with our designer to sit down and design your dreams on paper.

We are dedicated to building you a quality home.  We promise. Matt Monroe Designs stands behind that promise and we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 

Home Design and Building Process

Owner, Matt Monroe, specializes in custom home building and design.  Let us lead you through this process from start to finish.

Each step of the design process is very important, not only to the prospective home owners, but to the designer/builder. Matt Monroe Designs will help you design and build a home that best fits your lifestyle, your dreams and most importantly, your budget.

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